Microblading 15-Pin Double Curved Blade

15-Pin Double Curved (U-Shaped) Microblading Blade (20pcs)

  • 2 layers of pins (hence "Double")
  • Used for Shadow effect procedures or a combination technique of Microblading & Powder effect
  • Set of 20 individually packed blades
  • Sterilized, for single use only 
  • Used for outlining the shape of the eyebrow
  • Able to fix or sharpen the edges of the eyebrow 
  • Made With Medical Grade Steel
  • Consists of 15 needles
  • Best recommended to use with our Multi-Use Microblading Pen (Straight end) for a more precise grip.
  • Disposable ISO 9002 marked
  • Made in USA
  • Each Microblading blade is marked with an expiration date

Please note that ALL DESCRIPTIONS are only applicable to EYE DESIGN products. Other suppliers might have the same blade name and measurements but deliver a different effect, thickness and length.